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A Bluetooth speaker that plays music wirelessly connects to phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The speaker has an AUX 3.5 connection port for users to use when needed, such as plugging into TVs or music players that do not support bluetooth. The 1516 SolarHouse has a 2500 mA battery that provides 15 hours of continuous music playback at high volume. In addition, the speaker can also be used to charge other mobile devices when the battery runs out using the traditional USB charging port.
The speaker has 3 music playback modes:
 Bluetooth wireless music playback mode
 Music playback mode via Micro SD card
 FM radio mode
The speaker has two charging ports, one using a traditional 5v charging source, the other using solar energy. When the speaker is exposed to sunlight, the speaker will charge from the solar energy and receive the necessary power to play.
Speaker housing made of bamboo, environmentally friendly materials and highly aesthetic.


SKU: 0005
Color: Blue


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