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Charging stations include functions such as phone charging, lounge chairs, decoration and public lighting, air pollution measurement stations, climate data measurements and energy data collected by the system. from wind and solar panels. The charging station is not only functional, but also a visual model that educates the younger generation about the use of renewable energy.
The charging station includes:
 Wind turbine system includes aluminum insulation (1.5m high, 0.5m wide). Mechanical gear system, motor
 Solar battery system
 Storage system: Charge control, battery
 Lighting system: LED bulbs for public lighting at night
 Air pollution alarm system PM 2.5 and C02, temperature, humidity.
 Phone charging system (Up to 4 phones can be charged)
When there is sunshine and wind, the solar panel and wind turbine on the chair will charge the charging station. The charging station charges electricity from the sun according to the principle of converting light energy into electricity and the charging station charges electricity from wind turbines according to the principle of converting mechanical energy into electricity.
In the charging station, there is a storage battery that is enough for devices such as PM 2.5 and C02 air pollution meters, LED lights and phone charging ports. The charging station has an automatic shutdown system when the battery is fully charged and when the battery runs out of power to ensure the safety of the system.
The parameters of air pollution index PM 2.5 and C02 are displayed on the OLED screen.


SKU: 0012


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