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The pm 2.5 air quality meter (Air Box) is a compact device that can provide parameters about the density of PM2.5 particles existing in the air (small particles). suspended, with dimensions less than or equal to 2.5 µm), the machine can be easily placed on a table or moved to a suitable position. The machine has the ability to measure microscopic dust particles such as PM2.5 and notify through the LCD screen 2 indicators PM 25 and AQI, thereby helping users know the air quality and take measures to clean. they.
The whole device is designed in the form of a box with an eco-friendly bamboo shell. The front has a 1.4-inch OLED screen and a laser sensor, which is made black to create a uniformity with the screen.
The Air Box air quality meter is designed with a display screen using OLED technology. The main purpose is to help the device save energy and for longer use time, because the device is only equipped with a 2500 mAh battery. The screen on the machine has 2 display modes, one will show the air cleanliness index AQI (Air Quality Index - Air Quality Index) is an indicator that reports the air quality daily, used. As a measure to know whether the surrounding air is clean or polluted, the level of pollution is high or low. and the other mode will report on the air cleanliness index (PM2.5 particle density in the air). Switching between the 2 views is very simple, with just 1 click on the device. The machine is integrated with a solar panel with a capacity of 6w to be able to charge the device through sunlight.


SKU: 0006
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